Victoria Day Weekend at Cottage

After picking up our friend Heart from her work we headed up to the cottage. Despite the traffic we managed to get up there before the sun went down and enjoyed the beautiful mirror of the lake:

The next morning Mindy and Heart went paddling boating a bit:

Mindy had planned a wonderful meal plan for the weekend but it required a stove. We were surprised to see a big space where the stove used to be. But Mindy with her ingenuity accepted the challenge and set out to make the meals work anyway. She tried French toast in the microwave. Admittedly, this is probably not something we would try again. We decided then to go back to the basics – Mindy made a fire and proceeded to make a wonderful meal of corn on the cob and nut burgers. Delicious!

During out weekend visit this bunny made itself home in the yard and we enjoyed watching it and getting pictures:

On Sunday, Heart and Ligeia went for a walk in the woods and we so delighted to see so many frogs:

With all the rain, they had plenty of places to swim around and lounge by the water:

And here is the tiniest little frog that Heart spotted jumping around in the grass:

This trillium was the first one Ligeia had ever seen so of she had to capture the moment:

Happy Victoria Day to everyone. For our US-American friends, Memorial Day is on it’s way.

Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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