Flugtag Tampa Bay

Ligeia and Erick went to Flugtag today to watch the festivities.

Each team had time to show off their aircraft before diving into Tampa Bay. Here is a roller derby team:

Here was the winning aircraft, traveling the furthest in the water and having the nicest craft:

Ligeia really liked the Florida aquarium’s aircraft because it was shaped like a shark. Here she is posing with the pilot:

But in the end, the shark plane flew right into the water, along with the rest of the creations that day:

Breast cancer awareness made its way into the contest by creating a huge pink bra:

And Ligeia found some old German friends from her Berlin days (Unfortunately, they couldn’t speak German accept to say “Auf Wiedersehen”):

Overall, it was a day of crazy fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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