Clearwater Sunrise

Ligeia gets up before the sun does and always gets to the causeway at just about the time the sun wakes up. She often pulls over to the beach area and watches the sun paint the sky with gorgeous colors and stretch it’s rays over the water. It’s not a bad place to have breakfast either.

Birds are always there and the water is teaming with fish jumping out of the water. Ligeia also watches the birds wake up too. Here’s one still staying all warm and cuddly in bed…

…and here it is ready for the day:

And here is a pictorial account of the happening:

And here is the area of the sky directly opposite of the sunrise. Look how amazing it is! Have you ever seen anything like that?!

A new session starts on Tuesday at work which means 5 new classes to teach. Ligeia’s spending the weekend preparing.

Here’s to enjoying every beautiful moment you find!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

4 thoughts on “Clearwater Sunrise

  1. Anonymous

    Oh Ligeia – how stunningly beautiful your days begin! This sun rise is just breath taking! And the birds! and the ocean! and the awakening of the world! and then the rays on the opposite side – unbelievable! Thanks for capturing and sharing these wonderful moments.
    Love you and Mindy – Oma:-) Have a great breakfast!

  2. Alejandro

    Hi Ligeia. Alex here from Ecuador-Galapagos, rem we met and then we went out in Quito with my Friend marco. How are you?, long time no hearing from u in MSN or any other website. What do you up to? I moved to Australia permanently, get in contac, look for me in feisbuk 🙂

  3. Alejandro

    Hi Ligeia, long time not knowing from u. What do you up to?, I movd to Australia with my troop (Family) since 2008. I hope u rem who I am, Alex from Galapagos and then we went to Quito with my friend Marco.
    Look 4 me in feisbu 🙂 or gmail

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