Ligeia’s Drive To Work

Ligeia got a job teaching at a language program at the University of Tampa. Unfortunately, this means a 40 minute commute to work. Thankfully, there are some nice parts of the drive that get her through it each day. Her favorite part of the journey is the Causeway connecting Clearwater to Tampa, which takes about 12 minutes to get across. Here are some of the shots along the route:

When the palm trees stop, the water becomes more shallow and this is where she often sees large birds. Unfortunately, she couldn’t any shots of them, but this is the area where they like to hang out:

After the bridge, she drives right by the airport, traveling right under the flight path, where she often sees planes landing. Once she saw an Air Canada flight arriving and thought of all the people she met in Canada.

One day she witnessed Southwest Airlines’ Lone Star One plane land. (There is only ONE of these specially painted planes in the entire fleet!) Here is what the plane looks like:
After watching for planes, Ligeia passes the Shriner’s Hospital where she is happy to see both the US-American and the Canadian flag together:

The next note-worthy landmark Ligeia passes is the Fox 13 channel, which reminds her that Judge Judy will be waiting for her when she returns from work:

Shortly thereafter Ligeia arrives on the very beautiful University of Tampa campus:

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “Ligeia’s Drive To Work

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Ligeia,
    thanks for sharing!
    The University looks very impressive and I am glad you have an interesting way to work. That makes the distance more bearable.
    I wish you success with the job and the students.
    Enjoy! Love from Oma:-)
    Hugs to you and Mindy!

  2. Naomi

    Hi Ligeia,

    I have to admit Im a bit envious,
    Your commute is so beautiful. I dont know if I would make it to work but instead wind up playing in the water all day! Plus, it sure beats the heck out of my commute to Downtown Baltimore each day! Take care, Naomi

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