Feeling at Home in Toronto, Canada

This is us at Gay Pride Toronto! Gay denken!
Mindy feeling especially herself. 😉 She is planning on wearing this to the wedding.
The view from our apartment.

Hello folks,
sorry it’s been awhile. So Mindy and I feel pretty much at home these days. We have furniture now so we’ve even had a view guests over for dinner.
Mindy really enjoys her job at Camp Brain and I finished my 3 weeks of volunteer work at the Salvation Army. I was teaching English, communication skills and believe it or not, even Canadian culture. I taught songs like “Take me out to the Ballgame” and “The good ol’ Hockey Game” and we learned about Famous Canadians like Sir Sanford Flemming, Terry Fox and Marilyn Bell. It was great fun and I learned a lot about my new country.
I have joined a Javanese Gamelon group (an Indonesian orchestra) and play once a week at the Indonesian Embassy.
I also started working part time at a language school, teaching in the afternoons. I hope this will lead to fulltime eventually.
Wedding plans have consumed much of our evening time and as the date draws nearer, my stress level and anxiety goes crazy. Mindy seems to be calm and cool about it all. So glad one of us is. 🙂
So all in all, it seems I think I can make Canada my home. I still need to learn more about how to get from here to there, but that will come, I’m sure.
lots of love to you all,
Ligeia 🙂

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