Ligeia Becomes a Landed Immigrant

Guess what folks, as of 2:30pm today I am a landed immigrant in canada. I got up very early today and drove 2 hours to Buffalo, NY and got in line with immigrants from all over the world. After a few questions, like did I have any religious weapons on my person, I turned in my paperwork and was told to come back in the afternoon. (I am still not certain what exactly a religious weapon is. If I smack the guy in front of me over the head with a Bible, does that count?)
So after walking around Buffalo a bit, i headed back to the Canadian consulate and after waiting in another line, i was handed my paperwork and passport back with a visa inside. I was told to cross the border to “land”. (I guess i’ve been flying around eh?) So put down my landing gear at the border on the Peace Bridge and after going to a little office and answering a few more questions, like was my husband there with me, to which i replied, “No she’s not”, he stamped my passport and said, “You are now a permanent resident. Congratulations!”
Wow what an exhilarating feeling!! It’s a shame no one was around to celebrate with, so Mimi, the car got lots of cheering and whewwhooo’s during the drive back to Toronto! So a major YEAH to me!!!!
Guess now I have to look for a job eh? 😉
Ligeia 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ligeia Becomes a Landed Immigrant

  1. Anonymous

    Ligeia, I like your ‘no, she ‘s not’ so much! Wir gratulieren euch! Viel Glueck sagen Thomas und Burkhard

  2. Tara

    Ok, so obviously I was a bit behind now that I have finished reading your posts. Ligeia, awesome response, “no, she’s not”.

    Ok, now that it’s official I hope you realize this means:
    -maple syrup 3 times a day
    -buying stocks in Bell
    -long underwear at ALL times from about Oct-May
    -EVERY sentence ends in “eh”
    And just remember, plaid flannel jackets are not JUST for everyday wear, they are for fine dining as well. 😉

    Take care, and I wish you both a beautiful day for your wedding, or not, depending on how superstitious you are.

  3. Beth, Terri, Dewey, et al.

    Yeah!!! A little behind but I found your blog and figured out how to post (alright, I am a little slow on the uptake)! Can’t wait for your wedding.

    ps. According to the conventional wisdom here gay marriage leads to bigamy and people marrying animals, if that’s so can I now marry a moose to become Canadian and leave this insanity? Do you know any moose up there? (I have very high standards.) The moose will of course have to accept Terri and the children 🙂

    pps. I also like stinkpit better.

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