Experiencing the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Hamsa ornaments in the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is more than a shopping experience; it is a feast for all the senses. Be sure to set aside some time to fully appreciate all Carmel Market has to offer.

Colorful ornaments in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivSight

There is so much to see at the Carmel Market, including brightly colored fruits and veggies, vibrant art and a healthy mix of interesting people. I found the fresh produce rather photogenic due to the bright pastel colors.

As well, artists set up wonderful displays of their work and you can even observe some artisans creating the very art they are selling.

Interesting wire sculptures in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivA glass artist creating pieces in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivBoth locals, some clad in religious garb of various sorts, and a variety of international visitors, make their rounds at the market. Throw in some creative street performers and the Carmel Market becomes the perfect place to people watch.

A clown performing in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivSmell

There is a strong mix of fragrances at the Carmel Market, from the subtle bouquet of flowers to the bold aroma of vibrant spices.

Fresh flowers for sale in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivWide array of spices in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivSome of the smells you will experience at the market, however, could be described more as an odor, such as the pungent-smelling seafood stands. But not to worry, because the comforting smell of freshly baked bread isn’t ever far away.

Bread in a basket in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivTouch

Depending on what time of day you visit the Carmel Market, you may experience crowds with people pushing and stepping on your feet.

Bustling crowds in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivAdd the hot sun and the Carmel Market has the potential of being quite an uncomfortable experience. To avoid this visit the market early in the morning.


The Carmel Market is not a quiet place. Vendors yelling in Hebrew advertising the latest deals and people haggling for the perfect price fills the air upon first entering the market. In addition, street musicians perform a variety of good quality concerts from marimba to musical theater.

Street musician in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivTaste

From fresh juices to decadent desserts to a variety of produce there is so much to taste at the Carmel Market.

Baklava for sale in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivWhatever you do, do not leave the market without sampling the smorgasbord of olives. After finding your favorites, you are most likely going to want to purchase some to snack on later.

Olives and olive oil in the Carmel Market in Tel AvivTips

  • Every Tuesday and Friday, local artists take up shop and display their wares.
  • Bring your best bargaining skills to get the best prices, and keep in mind that vendors are more willing to make a deal near the end of the day (4:00pm) and especially on Fridays before everyone goes home for the Sabbath.
  • Ask artists first if it’s ok to take photos of their creations.

 What markets have you experienced while traveling?

7 thoughts on “Experiencing the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

  1. mommazon

    You sure captured the market with all its highlights. Its great to have such wonderful photos to remember it all. Welcome home.

    1. Mindy & Ligeia

      It sounds like the Carmel Market is the perfect place for you as they had plenty of both treats and souvenirs. Many of the souvenirs here were really interesting too because they were unique to the artist.

  2. JTW-Wichian

    I love markets everywhere I go as they are great places for local food. Thanks for sharing your experience at an Israeli market. I feel I was there myself reading through your story at Carmel Market.

    1. Mindy & Ligeia

      Hi Wichian,
      Israel definitely has some wonderful local foods to try including both savory and sweet. If you ever get the chance to visit, we highly recommend the falafel, olives, figs, hummus, trina, dates and halva – very delicious!

  3. Emma @ GottaKeepMovin

    Awesome photos guys! Ach I just love markets so darn much. I was about to say I loved the picture of the guy and the giant xylophone the best… then I scrolled to the food pictures and my belly took over. YUM! Can’t wait to get to this place one day for scrumptious food.

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