Museums of Israel

Our Museum Tour in Israel

Israel may be small in size but it is teeming with top notch museums just the same. In fact, according to CNN, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world, easily causing a visitor to become quite overwhelmed. In the interest of helping you narrow down your list, here are our […]

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Logo of Buddha Burgers Vegan Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Buddha Burgers Vegan Restaurant – Tel Aviv

Buddha Burgers is an eatery that, in our opinion, perfectly personifies the vegan lifestyle. While we find many vegan restaurants focus solely on the health advantages of a meatless diet, Buddha Burgers is different. It presents you with delicious meals, as your eyes dart around the walls looking at posters with “Meat is Murder” slogans. […]

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Taste of Life, an organic vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv

Taste of Life Vegan Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv steps away from the beach, Taste of Life is an unpretentious, 2-story vegan restaurant. Their dining room has a school cafeteria atmosphere, with its tables and chairs looking like they came from a classroom. Even with some booths and a fresh, green motif, the place felt a bit […]

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24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

24 Rupee – Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Inconspicuously located between motorbike repair shops in South Tel Aviv, 24 Rupee dishes out some delicious Indian fusion food. Had we not been with friends from Tel Aviv, we would have surely passed right by this fantastic vegan-friendly restaurant, as its glass doors are camouflaged among the neighboring storefronts. With its floor seating, 24 Rupee’s […]

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Hamsa ornaments in the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Experiencing the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is more than a shopping experience; it is a feast for all the senses. Be sure to set aside some time to fully appreciate all Carmel Market has to offer. Sight There is so much to see at the Carmel Market, including brightly colored fruits and veggies, vibrant art and a […]

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