24 Rupee – Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Tel Aviv

24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

Inconspicuously located between motorbike repair shops in South Tel Aviv, 24 Rupee dishes out some delicious Indian fusion food. Had we not been with friends from Tel Aviv, we would have surely passed right by this fantastic vegan-friendly restaurant, as its glass doors are camouflaged among the neighboring storefronts.

Floor seating in the dining room of 24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

Comfy cushions in the dining room

With its floor seating, 24 Rupee’s cozy, dining room is on the second level. The walls of the stairwell are decorated with beautiful photos, especially those focused on people.

Gorgeous framed photos in the stairwell of 24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

Stairwell of Photographs

The menu, albeit small for a Indian restaurant, is varied enough to suit anyone’s palate. Starting off our meal with the authentic vegetable and tofu momos transported us back to our trip to Tibet, and the samosas, served with a tangy tamarind sauce, were scrumptious.

Delicious Tibetan momo at 24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

Delicious Tibetan Momos

Our thali set included some of the best dahl we’ve ever had, and three delectable subjis (vegetable dishes): zucchini curry; potato and bell pepper curry; and the evening’s special, sweet potato and tofu curry. Accompanied with rice, chapatti, pappadam, and trina (tahini-based sauce instead of the raita listed on the menu), we were glad to have shared the set.

An Indian Fusion thali set at 24 Rupee, a vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv

Tasty Thali!

Unable to forgo on dessert, we tried the vegan ice cream and a cup of hot chai, made creamy with soy milk. Both were amazing!

Overall, we were extremely impressed with our complete experience at 24 Rupee, from the food to the ambiance. We also really appreciated how nonchalantly our questions about vegan options were received from the waitstaff, as if we were the odd ones expecting our requests to be difficult.

The restaurant is open from noon to midnight every day except for Friday, when it closes early for the Sabbath. Without reservation, we recommend this place, so be sure to visit when you’re in Tel Aviv!

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  1. Roger Moore

    Some of my friends recommend me to Dilruba Indian restaurant. I guess those foods in the picture are excellent and delcious.

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