Visiting Wat Mongkolratanaram in Brandon, Florida

This morning Erick and Ligeia decided to check out a Thai Buddhist Temple called Wat Mongkolratanaram in Brandon. The building itself was gorgeous both inside…

…and out.

We ate some food although we didn’t find it memorable to be honest. The location was beautiful right on Palm River. We sat on a dock for a bit and watched the variety of fish swimming around, which included cat fish and needle fish and we were so excited to see stingrays.

We also enjoyed watching the crabs on the shore.

We were also able to watch this train go by:

Overall it was a pleasurable morning.
The rest of the week Ligeia plans to just relax, perhaps by the pool here.
Hope everyone is enjoying springtime,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

3 thoughts on “Visiting Wat Mongkolratanaram in Brandon, Florida

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ligeia, I am glad that you are enjoying yourself and relaxing is important after having been travelling such long distances. Thanks for the pictures of the temple, etc.
    Have a great time. Love Oma:-)

  2. Hiroshi

    I got your post card. Thanks a lot!!
    Seems you had great trip.

    Did you write Chinese character “日本” on the post card?

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