Chinese Lantern Festival

Mindy and Ligeia were invited by Oma and Opa to Orangeville to take part in a Chinese Lantern Festival. The celebration consisted of about 8 courses of 100% vegetarian food and many theatrical and music acts. Below are a few pictures of various styles of Chinese opera:

We also very able to tour the area and visit the temple that has been designed for Buddist, Taoist and Hindu religions:

Inside were a variety of statues very ornately decorated and the opportunity to place incense in a big bowl as an offering to them.

In another temple we could discover what animal we were based on the year we were born. It turns out that Ligeia is a Water Ox (very fitting we thought 😉 and here is Mindy posing with her Metal Monkey, also rather fitting. 😉

And we couldn’t leave without ringing the bell.

What an experience! This gave us a little taste of what we might find in parts of China.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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