Easy Mind Guesthouse – Taipei, Taiwan

Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Featured

Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Featured

Tucked away on the 12th floor of an unassuming building on busy Chengde Street, Easy Mind Guesthouse is only a short 10 minute walk from Taipei’s Main Station.

First Impression

Easy Mind Guesthouse makes a good first impression with a lobby and kitchen area with modern decor and a friendly staff. All guests are asked to remove their shoes upon entering and exchange them for colorful slippers.

Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Dorm Room

Eight-bed Female Dorm


The rooms are bright, clean and spacious and you are given sheets when you check in. This hostel was noisier than I had hoped, as the area for congregating was right in front of the door to Bedroom C so the conversations of people in the kitchen and lobby area kept me up at night. My second night was considerably quieter than the first.

Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Shower

Clean Shower

The shower was clean and had hot water and good water pressure.


Easy Mind Guesthouse provides several amenities, including use of the kitchen, free drinking water, laundry facilities (50 ND for wash, 50 for dry) and very strong free wifi. Each guest is also given a sizable locker to store belongings. Both shampoo and shower gel are provided, but bring your own towel.

Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Table

Dining Area

On my next trip to Taiwan’s capital, Easy Mind Guesthouse would not be my first choice, but this is only due to the setup that lends itself to a noisy environment. Otherwise, this was not a bad place to stay.

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  1. sohee

    hi, this is sohee.
    i also plan some trip on taiwan, and i am thinking now where i am stay.
    and i found the “easymind guesthouse” on hostelworld.
    i want to give you some question.
    is there some usable guesthouse’s e-mail address or website?
    and, it is not a excuse, and i wonder i want to know where site you use book the guesthouse.
    Thank you!

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