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About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Featured

Located only a short 5 minute walk (if you don’t get lost) from Wanlong Station (green line), About Animals is a vegan restaurant in Taipei that offers delicious vegan meals at a reasonable price. But About Animals is more than just a restaurant; it is a concept.

About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Owners

Gin and Sasha – Owners

The owners, Sasha and Gin, have been friends since high school. At university they both majored in political science and simultaneously began learning the truth about the meat and dairy industries at an animal activist group. These two interests easily lend themselves to the opening of a politically-motivated vegan restaurant.


About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Dining Area

Relaxed Dining Area

About Animals has a very relaxed atmosphere with a comfy sofa, a variety of seating areas, including outside, and plenty of politically motivating stimuli on the walls. The owners are the chefs as well as the wait staff, adding to the casual ambiance. The menu is written in chalk on the wall in both Chinese and English and the owners are bilingual in both.


The menu consists of four delicious signature burgers, combing a traditional Western concept with an Eastern twist, as well as many appetizers and snacks. An array of teas is offered and, unlike any other vegan restaurant I have visited, About Animals has a full bar with a large selection of beer.

About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Kimchi and Risotto

Kimchi and Pumpkin Risotto

About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Kimchi Burger

Delicious Kimchi Burger

Price and Service

The prices, on par with other vegan venues in the area, are indicative of the fresh ingredients and the care that goes into each meal.

About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Helping Stray Cat

Sasha and Gin Helping a Stray Cat

The service was very relaxed and friendly. I visited About Animals twice and each time Sasha and Gin were helping a stray animal, sometimes letting customers wait. This warmed my heart as it was very clear that the priority of this restaurant is reflected in its namesake. About Animals really is about the animals.

Out of all the vegan restaurants I visited in Taipei, I liked the concept of About Animals the most.

How to get there

Use Exit 2 of the Wanlong Station and make a u-turn when you get to the top of the stairs to go to Roosevelt Blvd. Make a left onto Roosevelt and walk along the busy street and make another left at the first street (unmarked at the time of writing). Keep going straight across the small intersection and the restaurant will be on your left.

About Animals Vegan Restaurant - Front

Warm Welcome

2 thoughts on “About Animals – Vegan Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Mo Orr

    It’s inspiring to see two young women already so ‘aware’ and doing so much not only for the animals, but also creating an inviting place for vegans to eat in comfort. Big vegan hugs to them both.

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