Wow! What a Great Couple of Weeks!


The past couple of weeks have been wonderful! We finally have some pictures of the aquarium where Ligeia volunteers, as well as some great shots from the zoo that we went to yesterday. But before we get to the pictures, we have some fabulous news…

We finally heard back from Canadian Immigrations… and they have deemed me to be an eligible sponsor for Ligeia!!! 🙂 So, what does this now mean, you may ask? Well, basically the first part of making Ligeia a permanent resident is complete. Now, the application package has been sent to Buffalo where someone will take a look through it and decide whether she’s a desirable addition to the Great White North. I’m sure that as soon as someone gets around to our package, they’ll see how wonderful she is and why I’m so excited to marry her. Patience will be our only test – it should take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year from today… oy!

OK… now to the pics!!!

This is Ligeia being lucky enough to hand-feed the cow-nosed stingrays that are in quarantine. These rays will eventually go in the huge aquarium that’s being built behind center field at the Devil Rays’ Tropicana Field. She’s helping to train them, so that they get used to human contact 🙂

This is just such a cute picture! We’re not sure what kind of turtle it is, but something tells me it’s the same kind as the Surfer Dude turtle in Finding Nemo 😉

Now, here is where we wanted to show the great pics from the Zoo, but Blogger is having some trouble 🙁 I’ll try and post again in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!!!

Lots of love,
Mindy 🙂

One thought on “Wow! What a Great Couple of Weeks!

  1. Julie

    Hey there, that is some pretty good news from Canadian Immigration and hopefully they won’t keep you waiting too long to find out if Ligeia will fit in with us northern folk. Can she say “Eh?”, eat Kraft Dinner instead of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?…can she live without the Keebler Elves and mashed potatoes from KFC? I think so…which means, she should have no problem helping me build my igloo this winter.

    So, that picture of the stingray…even though its kinda cool…is very yucky too! It looks all slime coated..blah. I don’t think I would put my hand anywhere near it. Now, for the turtle…you should have got him to sign an autograph, cause you are right about him being in Finding Nemo….how wonderful…I have yet to meet anyone famous. There is still lots of time I guess…I will have to plan a trip out to hollywood and hope for the best.

    So here is some news from this side…I quit the damn donut shop finally….I got kinda annoyed one day and just walked off the floor. So now I am unemployed, highly educated and still…no job in sight. So I am going to a temp agency as soon as the long weekend comes to an end…wish me luck 🙂 Take Care and I guess we will all be seeing you guys soon!!

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