Time to Get Limber!!!

Hey Folks!

As you can see, this post requires some stretching and warm-up! 🙂

This past weekend, Ligeia and her team of the Florida Aquarium Sea Dragons participated in the 3rd Annual Tampa Dragonboat Race. After 3 difficult practices, the Sea Dragons competed against 54 other teams from across North America (granted, most were from Florida, but there were some teams that made a longer trip – Toronto, Halifax, Arizona and I think California were also represented). Some of the teams were actually professional, training year-round to compete at national championships and so on. Despite that, the Sea Dragons finished at a very respectable 24th. Great job!!!

The weekend before, I took Erick’s cousins to Clearwater Beach for their first Floridian experience. We dipped our feet into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and then took a ride on Killer, a 1000 horsepower speedboat. Surprisingly, the captain allowed anyone who wanted to drive the boat. It figured that as soon as I took the wheel, the captain put the boat into neutral. It wasn’t anything I had done – he just thought he had seen dolphins. So we turned around and slowly went up the coast again. Sure enough, about 5 dolphins came jumping up through our wake. Here’s the best picture I got of those quick jumpers!

And to prove that I finally got a chance to drive the boat, take a look at this:

That’s all that’s new with us. Softball is still every Thursday night, and our team, Come On Blue, is in 2nd place. I’m still having trouble hitting the ball consistently 🙁 but my fielding is great!

Leave a message for us and let us know how you’re doing!

Lots of love,
Mindy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Time to Get Limber!!!

  1. Michele Richards

    Hey guys!

    Sounds like the dragon- and speed-boating was fun! The weather here is starting to feel definitively spring-ish, so I’m less jealous of your warm weather. 🙂 Our softball season starts soon, so I might be writing for some tips on fielding:). Not too much else is new here. Glad to hear you’re both doing well, and can’t wait to see ya!!!


  2. Julie

    Hey there!! I can’t believe that picture of the dolphin turned out so well…..and that water is so blue…I am jealous!!!!! Now…I don’t know if I could drive the boat…..I just learned to drive the car and still, I think I am a danger to society….ok…maybe not society as a whole…but a danger to storefronts, stop signs and construction workers on highway 11. So whats new with me? Absolutely nothing….still working for the devil and catherine has moved home for the summer…so I am living with the devil too 🙂 (and she brought a kitten home with her, just for sammi).The weather here is sunny and warm…it was 25C today…and lucky me….I got to be inside with donuts. Anyways, I talk too much….take care and I will keep checking for posts 🙂

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