Winter Cottaging

Mindy and Ligeia had wondered for some time what the cottage and its surroundings including the lake look like during the winter. So we decided to go there and check it out. We began by driving to the cottage road and parking our car. We then put on snow shoes and hiked the approximate 2 kilometers in.

It was amazing to see all the snow and ice all over the cottage! But even more amazing what how beautiful the lake looked. As you can see it was a perfectly clear day and snow covered the entire frozen lake:

After the excitement of first arriving we finally got inside and started to get “set up” for relaxing and the first thing on the agenda was getting warm. This proved much more difficult than expected. In fact, we learned just how “un-winterized” the cabin actually was. Here’s Mindy trying to get the fire nice and hot:

After a VERY cold night (-20C) we awoke to another freezing cold but beautiful day. Deciding to not spend a second night as planned, we thought we would go for a little hike on the lake before heading home. It was so much fun to “walk on water”.

Walking back to the car proved beautiful. We noticed how much further we could see without all the leaves. It felt like a totally different place.

On the drive home, we were drawn by the beauty of Burleigh Falls and decided to stop to get some pictures:

We enjoyed our experience but are also happy to be back home in a nice warm apartment.
Hope everyone is enjoying the winter,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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