What I Miss About Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Windsor Locks Canal Company

Windsor Locks Canal Company

The tiny town of Windsor Locks never makes anyone’s travel bucket list but I must admit that I feel lucky to have lived there for three years. Spanning only 9.4 sq miles (24.35 km²), the smallest town in Connecticut slowly grows on you and before you know it, it feels like home.

County Map - Windsor Locks, Connecticut

County Map

It’s the kind of town where you will be remembered at the bank, the gas station attendant asks how your latest trip was the you can order “the usual” in the restaurants. Here’s what I miss the most about my time in Windsor Locks:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The town of Windsor Locks is right next to the Bradley airport, making travel to other cities in the USA, as well as abroad, only steps away. This advantage becomes even more evident upon the return trip, when you are already sitting on your sofa at home while other passengers are still waiting for their checked luggage.

Windsor Locks - Bradley Airport

Bradley Airport – The Gateway to New England

Amtrak runs right through Windsor Locks and even has a stop there, which happened to be a stone’s throw away from my apartment. This made traveling to New York City very convenient. And to reach those points that are not near an airport or train station, Windsor Locks is right off Interstate 91, opening up all of New England to explore via car.

The Windsor Locks Library

The Windsor Locks Library very much reflects the town of Windsor Locks. It’s the kind of place where the librarians all know you by name, what projects the local school children are working on and will gladly help you with the computer. One such librarian helped me open up my very first email address.

Adjacent the library is a huge field where you can play Frisbee or a game of catch on a summer’s evening, while listening to the birds settle down for the night and to the backdrop of the sunset.


Everything you might need is right there, giving Windsor Locks a quaint small town feel. The bank, doctor’s office, library, town hall, and a gas station are within feet from each other, making errand day a breeze! Plus, don’t forget to try one of the restaurants for a lunch break.

Windsor Locks Train Station

Windsor Locks Train Station (photo courtesy Barefoot Zen)

Hiking Trail

Just on the other side of the train tracks and just before the bridge there is a nice hiking trail that you could enjoy either a short walk after dinner or a longer hike on a weekend. The path is sandwiched in between the train tracks and the river, making for some excitement when a train passes as well as some gorgeous scenic views of the Connecticut River. Don’t forget your camera!

Visiting Windsor Locks will not wow you like the much bigger northeastern cities of New York and Boston, but it may give you the much needed rest and relaxation while traveling from one to the other. So don’t let the size deter you and stay a few days.  After all, diamonds are small too.

What small town have you enjoyed?

4 thoughts on “What I Miss About Windsor Locks, Connecticut

  1. Eileen Pearce

    Hi, Ligeia!
    I remember the old days when I was a clerk at the Windsor Locks Public Library and I worked with Keith at the desk. You used to come in all the time and were one of our favorite patrons. Now I’m a librarian here and I am lucky enough to work with another friend of yours, Beth, who sometimes shares your blog with me and keeps me up-to-date on where you are living and the adventures that you are having. I hope you’ll come in and see us next time you are in the area. Thanks for mentioning us and for your fond memories. They’re mutual!

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