We bought a house!!!!!!

Here’s Mindy standing in front of our new home:

The inside is really nice too, with high ceilings, just like we wanted:

And it gives us a nice view of the city.

Some kind of creature bit Ligeia in the garden though. We’ll have to do something about that before we receive guests.

The lifestyle change has unfortunately gone to Ligeia’s head though. Not sure what to do about that. She spent all morning doing her hair.

And now she insists on making all her decisions from this chair:

Any ideas of how to save Ligeia from herself?
Ligeia and Mindy :):)
ps. we’ll let you know when we’re having an open house.

2 thoughts on “We bought a house!!!!!!

  1. Anne-Katherine

    Um, so, I may be mistaking, but I believe your new house is the setting of my future dream wedding. Think you can get me a good deal on location rental? 🙂

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