Thanksgiving in Baltimore

This past weekend, Mindy and Ligeia went to Baltimore for Thanksgiving. On the Thursday, there was a big feast at Ligeia’s parent’s house with the immediate family. Here’s our nephew, Brayden, with Ligeia’s dad. For Ligeia, it was wonderful (and interesting!) to see her dad being a grandpa.

Ligeia’s brother, Harpreet, who recently converted to Sikhism, came to the meal with a friend of his.

That night, Ligeia and Mindy slept in the same room, and even the same bed, that Ligeia spent as a child. On the wall is the beautiful mural that Ligeia’s mother painted (Ligeia helped with a handful of little flowers on the left!)

For brunch on the Friday, Mindy and Ligeia met our friend, Fred at the Double T Diner. We spent the meal looking through his many photographs of his recent travels.

Later that day, we spent the afternoon with Wendy and for dinner, we went for Mexican food with Chris and Robert at Los Portales. Authentic Mexican food is certainly something we miss in Toronto!

Here’s Wendy, our gracious hostess for most of the weekend!

On our final day in Baltimore, Ligeia and Mindy went to visit Jeanne and her family. Jeanne has been a friend of Ligeia’s since high school, so it was nice to get back in touch. Here’s Jeanne and Ligeia in Ocean City when they were about 16 years old:

And after so many years, here they are again:

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend! We hope all our friends enjoyed the holiday.

Lots of love,
Mindy & Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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