Mindy’s Amazing Race

The first leg was going to California’s Haight district. The task was to drink a wheatgrass shot at the Carrot Common. Here’s “unscrupulous” Kate drinking the shot that she stole from Jenny and Dawson:

The teams headed over to Greece to perform some Olympic Games: they had event choices of ball throw, football throw, frisbee and three-legged race.

In India, their task was to accurately put on a sari. Riley and Mindy discover that this is not very easy:

Thankfully, Rabia came over to help everyone put on their saris correctly. Here’s Heart learning how to fold the fabric properly:

And in the end, everyone looked fantastic. Here is the only time you will ever see Mindy in a sari:

Kris is getting inspected before getting their next clue:

The next stop was East Side Mario’s in “New York”. As an homage to the Broadway theater community, teams were made to re-enact a short scene from the L-Word. At the very least it gave the other patrons in the restaurant a bit of entertainment.

After New York, the teams visited Canada and went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, where they had to sing the first stanza and chorus of The Good Ol Hockey Game and put on all the hockey equipment in 60 seconds or less. Here’s Jenny having just triumphed in her task:

A quick trip to China to photograph a trio of Buddhas, and then the teams headed off to Paris,France. It was here they put their artistic skills to good use by re-creating a square of quilt with pencil crayons on paper as their medium.

Italy was next on the list, where they had to eat a freshly made canoli and guess the 4 ingredients in the filling. Here are Nettie and Heart discussing the possibilities:

After several attempts (don’t laugh – it was difficult to figure out!), Mindy and Riley were worthy of their next clue, which took them to Japan:

In Japan, the teams had to drink a shot of warm sake. Sadly, this was a challenge not enjoyed by all – Mindy and Jenny certainly had a rough time!

In the end, there was a foot race to Ligeia and Mindy’s apartment and Mindy and Riley were the first team to arrive. For their exhaustive efforts, they received the highly-coveted Amazing Race Trophy:

In the evening, after a long day of racing, many friends came over to celebrate. Mindy couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration with friends! Thanks to all, especially to Kristy and Ligeia and Nathalie for their tremendous help in organizing and execution of the entire day, for making it such a fantastic success!

Lots of love,
Mindy & Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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  1. Jewel, Joel and Xander

    WOW!!! This looks AMAZING!!! We really wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!
    Lots of love! xoxo

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