Thailand – Mindy’s 20th Country Visited

At Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Mindy was so excited to get out of the teens! We only count being in a new country when we leave the airport so since we stayed at an airport hotel in Bangkok (because we missed our connecting flight to Chiang Mai due to a mechanical problem with the plane) we didn’t count it. So this morning Mindy reached her 20th country visited as she passed through the exit sign in the Chiang Mai airport. She didn’t waste any time exploring the area. Here she is in front of a Buddhist offering area which seems to be placed in front of all buildings and homes:

And here is Mindy is front of a Wat (temple). There are so many wats here to see:

Way to go Mindy for no longer being a teenager! 🙂
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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