Talked too soon!

Ok… Clearly, Mother Nature has taken revenge on me and Floridians. I opened my big mouth and blabbed about how wonderful the weather has been lately. Well, I just saw on the News (it actually made the “TOP STORY”) that a cold snap is on the way. Snow is in forecast. Yes, that’s right – SNOW! Temperatures are expected to drop to the high 20s (farenheit). A part of me is actually looking forward to the frost. Floridians don’t know how to deal with frosted windshields – I’ll go around and charge a couple bucks to scrape off the ice 🙂 The bad thing about the cold coming this weekend, is that we’ve reserved our trip to Crystal River on Sunday to swim with the manatees, because it’s Ligeia’s birthday. Guess it’s kind of like the polar bear dip if it’s freezing at 6:15am!!!
I’ll try and remember to take some pictures and put them up here 🙂
Take care, and healthy shivering!
Mindy 🙂

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