Gorgeous yellow sky during sunset in Eresos, Lesbos

Leaving Lesbos, Greece

Before setting foot on Lesbos we had such high expectations of the island in particular the village of Eresos, where it is believed the famous poet Sappho lived. For those of you who don’t know, Lesbos is considered Mecca by lesbians worldwide. Visiting Eresos was to be nothing short of walking through the gates of […]

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Pious & Petrified in Lesbos, Greece

Today we rented a car to drive around this section of the island. We headed north towards the old monastery of Ypsilou that was reportedly still in use. Even from the road, we spotted it easily high up on Mount Ordymnas. Our little white car struggled up the paved road to the small parking lot, […]

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R & R in Lesbos, Greece

We wanted a day of not traveling anywhere and instead just relaxing and taking it all in. Our day actually began the night before when we decided not to set the alarm which allowed us to sleep until 11am. It felt great and once we were awake we switched rooms to one upstairs with a […]

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Going to Eresos on the Island of Lesbos

Is there a better way to wake up on a Monday morning than by the sound of waves gently crashing and a soft breeze from the Aegean Sea coming in through open balcony doors? We don’t think so. That is exactly how our day began. After a quick breakfast of instant oatmeal we brought with […]

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Melinda Beach, Lesbos, Greece

Note: We visited Lesbos in 2011, a year before we went vegan. This post references non-vegan products that we no longer consume since learning about the suffering that dairy and other products cause non-human animals. For our first full day in Lesbos we decided to rent a car and drive to the southeastern part of […]

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Lesbos Greece

Travel Day to Lesbos, Greece

After a sleepless night for Ligeia, we started out after breakfast for what we knew would be a long travel day. Beginning with waiting for the shuttle bus from Pamukkale to Denizli, about 35 minutes away, Ligeia had her work cut out for her fending off the relentless come-ons from a local “gentleman”. Upon at […]

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