R & R in Lesbos, Greece

We wanted a day of not traveling anywhere and instead just relaxing and taking it all in. Our day actually began the night before when we decided not to set the alarm which allowed us to sleep until 11am. It felt great and once we were awake we switched rooms to one upstairs with a nicer balcony and an even nicer view.

For lunch we had a delicious Greek salad again and Ligeia spent some time in the afternoon swimming in the sea.

There is a rocky bottom and every stone is gorgeous and full of a variety of colors. Geologists, we think, would love it here. Dinner was a felafel plate for Mindy, which she didn’t care for, and a pasta with roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese for Ligeia at a place called Zorba the Buddha.

After dinner went exploring and found a small river with turtles and frogs in it.

We had lots of fun watching the turtles swim towards us thinking we had food…

and the frogs jump away from us thinking we might harm them.

It was a great opportunity for pictures. We picked up some ice cream on the way back to our room. Ligeia tried fig ice cream, something new for her and Mindy got strattiacella saying it was tried and true.

We spent much of the night watching the movie “The Score” starring Robert Dinero and Edward Norton. Before falling asleep we couldn’t resist spending a little time on our balcony enjoying the moon. The night was clear and it was amazing how much light the crescent moon was giving off. It looked beautiful across the water. The sound of the evening was powerful and dream-inspiring.

Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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