Melinda Beach, Lesbos, Greece

Note: We visited Lesbos in 2011, a year before we went vegan. This post references non-vegan products that we no longer consume since learning about the suffering that dairy and other products cause non-human animals.

For our first full day in Lesbos we decided to rent a car and drive to the southeastern part of the island to enjoy the beach and the olive trees, which we found nicely softened the landscape.

We arrived in the very small town of Melinda Beach in time for lunch and we found a restaurant right on the water…

…and had Greek salad and stuffed zucchini flowers.

Both were delicious but we were most impressed with the Greek salad. The ingredients were so fresh, especially the olives and the feta was the best we’ve ever had. We savored each bite.

We liked the location so much that when the waitress mentioned that they also had a couple rooms upstairs we decided to have a look. We were sold on the balcony with French doors and overlooking the Aegean Sea.

After lunch we made use of the car and went for a drive further up the mountain to get spectacular views. On the side of the road were beautiful pink flowers and with a blue sky and the blue sea as a backdrop… well it made for some beautiful pictures.

Upon our return we swim-suited up and went for a refreshing dip in the Aegean Sea…

…before heading back out again to go for a hike amidst olive trees. The path led us past a couple houses, beautiful trees and big billy goats.

Mindy was so proud of herself that she noticed and recognized wild oregano growing… and quite a lot of it. Surprisingly, a leaf of fresh oregano tastes overwhelmingly spicy!

For dinner we watched the sun go down and the color of the water change from blue to pink to yellow to dark blue as we ate tzatziki and zucchini fritters. We didn’t care for the latter, finding them too greasy.

Snuggled in bed, we watched the movie Paper Man before falling asleep with the balcony doors open so we could listen to the beautiful Aegean Sea. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

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