Sun and Citrus

Mindy and Ligeia continue to enjoy their visit with Erick.

On Wednesday afternoon they all went for a walk along Clearwater Beach. It was a beautiful day although the wind was a bit on the cool side.

Yesterday we went to Orlando and found a Citrus Grove called the Showcase of Citrus, where we could pick our own fruit. There was a variety of oranges and grapefruit, lemons, kumquats etc.

Mindy wasn’t afraid to climb the trees to reach the very best at the top:
Here’s Erick demonstrating what the perfect orange should look like:

It was a beautiful day so we walked around awhile and ended up picking an entire bag full of various citrus fruits.

Tomorrow is Ligeia’s 38th birthday and also our last full day of our vacation.
Until next time,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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