Fun in Tampa

We arrived to Tampa on January 1 and have been enjoying our time here very much. Luckily Erick is off work this week so we get to spend a lot of time with him. Mindy finally got to meet Cheech and Chong. Here she is getting to know them:

On Monday, we went to a park where they have set up “disk golf” which is like golf except with a frisbee instead. Here’s Mindy aiming for the target on hole one:

Here’s Ligeia giving it a try:

And then Erick threw the frisbee into a tree, splitting it precisely down the middle. As you can see he was very upset by this:
Mindy made a fantastic meal last night, inspired by our Guatemalan trip. She made pupusas from scratch, black beans which she soaked overnight, guacamole and fried plantains. Erick and Ligeia feel very lucky that Mindy had missed cooking while away.
Today we got up very early to go swimming with the manatees in Crystal River. We were so lucky to be the only ones there this morning and there were several manatees wanting to play with us.
Here’s Mindy giving a manatee a pat:
Unfortunately we didn’t have an underwater camera, but the captian of the boat, Charlie, got some great shots including this one of Ligeia with 3 manatees:
They liked their bellies to be scratched and would come up to us and roll over on their backs for us to do this. Here’s Erick rubbing a manatee belly:
Ligeia, Mindy and Erick have done this many times, but this time was definitely upclose and personal:

We look forward to discovering what each day will bring.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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