Reptiles Galore!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Mindy and I went to the Reptile Expo in Mississauga this morning and got some great shots!!!!
See for yourselves:

Love is in the air. (baby bearded dragons)

Mindy fell in love too. (adult bearded dragon)

A closer look.


What a beautiful color!!!!
We were tempted to buy a desert iguana and a bearded dragon but decided not to in the end. Not yet anyway.
lots of love to everyone,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

4 thoughts on “Reptiles Galore!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    I am very disapointed that you did not get a little itty bitty reptile… you both suck… anyway hi my wittle funk machine…. heh heh heh

  2. Ligeia and Mindy

    i know that’s you.
    we’ll get a little itty bitty when we are sure about it. we want to try to find one that is vegetarian. i don’t mind crickets and worms but pinkies i can’t handle. too much schwudder, too much.
    wuv wuv wuv

  3. Anonymous

    I sent you a bunch of links to canadian breeders. They even had a urethrasaurus or what ever you wanted…LOL

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