Pride Week – Dyke Parade in Toronto, Canada

Hello everyone and Happy Pride!!!
It’s Pride Week here in Toronto and the mayor himself put up the Pride flag in front of the City Hall, the same city hall where Mindy and I got officially married.
Today was the Dyke Parade and Mindy and I marched in it as members of our Women’s Softball league, the Notso Amazon Softball League.
So we marched along singing baseball cheers like, “Let’s go Lesbians, Let’s go!”
And every once in awhile, being overcome with Pride, I yelled out, “Yeah Lesbians”!!!!
Here are some pictures from the event:


Look at those beautiful colors!

Wow, lesbian Mennonites!! I told them I was Quaker!
Their shirts read: You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite!

And something for the boys!

Happy Pride everyone!
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

One thought on “Pride Week – Dyke Parade in Toronto, Canada

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ligeia… okay, that picture of the Lesbian Mennonites is HILARIOUS. Of course, this is of great interest to me cuz I spent the last four years living among the Mennos while teaching at Eastern Mennonite University. The term Lesbian Mennonite never even crossed my mind… so, I love this picture!! It’s enlightening! I know I’m eternally hetero… but considering I was never going to get any action from a male Menno (no such thing as a single, 30-something male Menno), maybe I should have considered going to the other side!! Ah well.
    – Coopie!

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