Renewing our Vows in Niagara Falls

Mindy and Ligeia drove to the Botanical Gardens today in Niagara Falls and went to Willow Pond to review and renew our vows. Wonderful memories of our special day came flooding back as well:

We sat on this bench to talk: (after looking at the picture, we realized we needed to lose some weight 🙁 – poor bench!

Before leaving Willow Pond, we had to look for froggies in the pond. We found some basking in the sunshine:

And others that were a little more shy:

Then we headed over to the Rainbow Bridge where we stood in the middle of the bridge, each on our respective “sides”, make a wish for the upcoming year and threw an American and Canadian penny from the current year into the water.

It’s been four wonderful years!!!!

We thank all of our friends and family for support over the last four years!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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