Our 4th Wedding Anniversary at O Noir Restaurant, Toronto

Mindy and Ligeia decided to try something adventurous and so we booked a reservation at O Noir, a restaurant where you dine in total darkness. We walked in and were kindly greeted in the beautiful dimly lit lobby, where we placed our order. We were then escorted by our blind waitress, Tracy, to our table. They did a great job at ensuring that not a drop of light made its way into the restaurant. Mindy ordered a vegetarian pasta dish (the meat choices were much better) and Ligeia decided on the vegetarian “surprise dish”, which turned out to be a mix of risotto, vegetables, penne and a potato (she thinks). The desserts were chocolate moose and chocolate cake, both of which Mindy and Ligeia enjoyed. We managed just fine with the eating and drinking and even managed to make a toast at the beginning our meal. On our way out of the restaurant, though, we noticed that Mindy had a little chocolate moose on her nose. tee hee hee
So after our experience, we both agree that…

Here’s to trying new things!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “Our 4th Wedding Anniversary at O Noir Restaurant, Toronto

  1. Remy

    I've always wanted to go to this restaurant!! It looks so freaking cool but does the food actually taste better because your whole sense of taste is focussed on it??

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