Our Weekend in London…

…Ontario that is. We went there to visit our friends Jewel and Joel who recently moved back home. It was a difficult drive there, but it was absolutely worth it! Here are some pictures to document our trip:

Saturday we got up early and ate breakfast at Cora’s and then took a gorgeous drive to Fingal, Ontario, where the horsies live.

We went to a Dude Ranch and Ligeia got to ride Pepper, who apparently had a hard-on the entire trip. I think he had a man-crush on Joel’s horse, King. If the name says anything, I think we can understand why. 🙂

Jewel got to ride Casper, which surprisingly wasn’t white. What’s in a name anyway. 🙂

Joel on his horse, KING, after he decided to hold up the whole troop by taking a big, long pee. (the horse, not Joel. 😉

Mindy rode Camanche, a very very very gassy horse. Like horse, like rider. Camanche was not feeling well and really gave Mindy a scare by getting all crazy-pants.

Just after our horse-back riding experience.
Ligeia was excited. 🙂 Mindy not so much. 🙁

On the drive back to their place, there was a huge storm so we ducked into Big Al’s pet store until it passed. Here’s a pic of Jewel and Joel encountering a black tip baby reef shark at Big Al’s pet store.
We hope you are all having a wonderful summer and doing crazy things too.
Feel free to leave a comment about your horse-back riding experiences.
lots of love,
Ligeia 🙂 and Mindy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Our Weekend in London…

  1. Naths

    I love horse back riding…has been a lot of years. I used to ride when I was a kid. Great pictures. You two seem like you have an awesome amount of time together. Sending hugs. So glad to know both of you.


  2. Jewel & Joel

    This is not about horses, but we really enjoyed having you both here!!! Can’t wait to see you soon! xoxoxo

  3. Mark

    Ligeia, OMG!!! It’s Mark from way back in the UMBC music department days. How the heck are ya? Congrats on the marriage. 🙂 Canada looks gorgeous (and so do you!). I’m down in Houston (yes…Texas) with my man. I’d love to catch up and hear all about your life and love and stuff. My email addy is polluxopera[at]gmail[dot]com.


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