Our Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year, and we’re a couple of days into Hannukah. We’re not sure when Kwanzaa is/was this year, but we hope the holidays were wonderful for everyone 🙂
Our Christmas was nice, quiet and peaceful. I was cunning enough to get out of bed without disturbing Ligeia, and made us a great breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs and home fries. After breakfast, we opened our stockings, which were wonderfully handcrafted by Ligeia.
Our intense day continued with an afternoon nap.
Afterwards, we went out to see Spielberg’s new film, Munich – definitely a film we recommend. We had hoped that we would go out for dinner to cap off our day, but we couldn’t find a single restaurant that was open. I guess Florida’s population is strictly christian and jewish. No one to keep their stores open 🙁
Anyhoo, that’s what we did on xmas. What did you do on yours?
Mindy (and Ligeia) 🙂

One thought on “Our Christmas

  1. Michele Richards

    Hi Mindy and Ligeia!!

    Glad to hear your holidays are going well. 🙂 Your blog page looks awesome. Sadly, Sean and I don’t know too many caterers in Niagara Falls, so we can’t be of much help there. 🙂

    We just got back yesterday from Mississauga visiting the Eggleton half of the family, and before that we were in Brockville with the Richards. The family visits were all awesome, but it’s nice to be back home again. Talk to you soon and keep on bloggin’!!

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