2005 is wrapping up!

Well, this past week I’ve been at my job working hard, and learning tons! Things at this job go by so quickly, and it’s the kind of work where if we miss a signature in over 100 pages of stuff, the company is liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s definitely the most stressful workplace I’ve been in (including both camp offices with Michael!!!)
Now, it’s finally the weekend and I can take a load off. Ligeia has found a job raising awareness in the community about what the Bush administration is doing (and not doing) and how it affects the clean water in the gulf of mexico and tampa area. It seems to be a very interesting job, and Ligeia is expected to move up quickly to more of a leadership role. we’re both very relieved.
Tomorrow, I’m going to try and open up a bank account. I tried at a credit union, but i need a social security number – poopy!!! I guess I have to stick with the bigger banks with the lower interest rates.
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s!
Mindy 🙂

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