Kissing and making a wish with a sky lantern

Beating the 7 Year Itch!

In 1955, Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie, The Seven Year Itch, which presented the idea that marriages are doomed at or around the 7th anniversary. This claim is actually supported by census data over the last 60 years, at least in the United States, as most first marriages end in divorce in 8 years. […]

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Our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, this calls for gifts of iron in the US (or sugar in the UK). Although we’d love to have a cast-iron frying pan or a wrought-iron gate, those gifts aren’t too practical at the moment. So, instead, we celebrated by getting a high iron content in our […]

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Fifth Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

Niagara Falls holds a very special place in our hearts. In 2005, it’s where we proposed to each other. In 2006, it’s where we got married. And every year since then, it’s been where we return to renew our wedding vows. That is, until this year. Now that we’re living in Florida, a trip to […]

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