Mindy’s Trip to Toronto

Recently, Mindy flew up to Toronto for a wonderful, albeit brief, visit. Doing her best to see as many people as possible in the short time resulted in a number of nights on couches and air mattresses. It was all worth it! She went up to Barrie with her mother and brother to visit Oma and Opa for lunch at a favorite restaurant – Ling’s. The pad thai is simply the best!
It was nice to see Opa acting normal for a change…
During the 9-day adventure, Mindy went up to Richmond Hill to spend some time with Dad & Trix. Oh! And of course, LG, one of the cutest puppies in the world!
Here’s Dad behaving like any doggie parent… I wonder who’s having more fun?
Mindy also made sure to visit with friends. She spent a day with Rose, which included a coffee break with Rochelle and a Leafs game on her flat-screen tv, lunched with former co-workers Jewel and Bill (and his new wife, Dana) at the St. Lawrence Market, brunched with Riley, Jenny & Dawson, enjoyed an evening with clowns at a local pub, and made an awesome vegetarian chili for a dinner at Nath & Vic’s. Here’s a pic of Nath with their new rescue dog, Sage…

Now, with Mindy back in the warm embraces of Florida, the bitterly cold weather of Toronto seems far away. A special thanks to Rose for lending Mindy gloves, a scarf and ear warmers!

We hope everyone is enjoying the final days of 2011, and we’ll post again soon!
Lots of love,
Mindy & Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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