Mindy and Ligeia Renew Their Vows in the Botanical Gardens

Purple and Yellow are Ligeia and Mindy’s favorite colors. Much like us, we think they complement each other nicely.
Mindy and Ligeia drove to Niagara Falls where they got married 3 years ago to renew their vows. It was an absolutely beautiful day! First they went to the center of the Rainbow Bridge where they throw an American and Canadian penny into the water after making a wish.

Then they went to the Botanical Gardens and went to the very spot where they got married and recited their vows again. They then drove along the Niagara Parkway some more and stopped and got some peaches and grapes before they went to Joseph’s Vineyard to buy their “wedding wine”.

Our love for each other grows stronger every day. Marrying each other was the best decision we’ve ever made. It has been a wonderful 3 years and we look forward to the upcoming one.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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