Ligeia’s 37th Birthday

Ligeia had such a fantastic birthday yesterday. Mindy left work early so she could make an Italian meal from scratch. She even found the recipe for the salad dressing of Ligeia’s favorite Italian restaurant, Chiaparelli’s in Baltimore’s Little Italy.

The meal also included garlic bread and fettuccine Alfredo (which Ligeia discovered from her Italian friend is not Italian at all – but who cares cuz it tastes damn good), with home made spinach noodles. We listened to Ligeia’s favorite opera, Tosca, during dinner.

We went to Nathan Phillips Square (an outdoor skating rink in front of City Hall) to go ice skating.

Ligeia wore hockey skates for the first time and it took her a while to get used to not having the pick to get her started. 🙂

After skating, we came home and enjoyed decadent chocolate mousse that Mindy also made from scratch. Yummy!
It was a fantastic birthday!
Ligeia 🙂

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