High Park and the Toronto Zoo

On Friday night we went to High Park to see the cherry blossoms and we met some new friends.
We named the emu above “Monday Morning”.

We saw this little guy out in the “wild”.

This one is for Disco Stu. Does your masculinity feel threatened? He kept this up for 30 minutes and neither peahen (yes, that’s what they’re called) even noticed he was there. We almost felt sorry for the fellow.

Alas, the cherry blossoms.

On Saturday we went to the zoo. What a beautiful day!

Cheetah. Mindy wanted to bring him home.

Tiger. (Just in case you didn’t pass the 2nd grade.)

Awww dammit. Now that’s just cute. It reminds me of Mindy taking a bath. 🙂

It didn’t seem to respond to my “here, kitty kitty”.

We hope all is well with you.
Lots of love and please leave a comment.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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