Our Trip to Tampa……yes, again!

Alligator in Hillsborough River, Thonosassa, Florida

Ligeia and Mindy flew down to Tampa to celebrate Erick’s birthday. Ligeia stayed a week and Mindy joined them for 2 days. The week was full of exciting things to do:

Obama was in town towards the beginning of the week.

Erick and Ligeia went canoeing and saw many alligators, birds and turtles. This is a cute little baby alligator. awwww. Isn’t it cute? Don’t you just want to take him home?

OK. On second thought, maybe not!

The O’s were in town so we went to see them. Ligeia ran into a long-time friend of hers.

My boys! It was so nice to see a bit of Baltimore. Unfortunately, this “discussion” on the mound occurred frequently as we didn’t play so well. The coach eventually got thrown out of the game.

All three of us spent 2 days at Busch Gardens. Yes we rode this roller coaster. It featured a 90 degree drop.

Ligeia made friends with the locals very quickly but picked up some rather bad habits.

This pic is for our friends who love to go “awwwww”. Cute little baby gorilla.

This goes under the category of “What the hell?”. If anyone out there has any ideas of what this could possibly mean other than, “if you’re fed up with your kid, don’t worry, just trade it in for another model”, please let us know under the comment section.

My two favorite people in the world!
Happy Birthday Schwudder! 🙂

I hope all is well with all of you. Please feel free to post a comment. If you don’t want to sign up for a google account, you can just leave the comment by selecting anonymous.
Lots of love,
Ligeia 🙂

6 thoughts on “Our Trip to Tampa……yes, again!

  1. Anonymous

    Dat all looks berry berry fun!!! I loved the baby aldergader, and for a second I REALLY thought you were hanging out with the monkees!! Joel is jealousypants that you went to a ball game and saw Stewie! The roller coaster looks AWESOME!!! Glad you both got to get away – looks like it was awesooommmeee!!! Jool xoxo

    PS London won’t be THAT fun, but we’ll see what we can do!!

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