Grandma Ofrenda

Today, we celebrated the Mexican Day of the Dead. It’s now becoming a tradition as we did the same thing last year. The ofrenda is an offering to those in one’s life that have passed away. Our offering was food! We made the dishes that our grandmothers would have enjoyed and discussed our memories of them as we ate.

On the menu was a spinach salad appetizer (Ligeia’s grandmother would have appreciated the healthy aspect of that!), a main course of potato latkes (Mindy remembers her baba preparing them when she was young) and Mindy made the applesauce for that from scratch just today and old-fashioned baked homemade macaroni & cheese – you know the kind with the bread crumbs on top – (both Ligeia’s and Mindy’s grandmothers would have enjoyed that!), and for dessert, homemade tapioca pudding (in honor of Ligeia’s grandma).

We brought pictures of our grandmas out to the table with us:

Our complete ofrenda:

Here’s Mindy cooking the latkes, just like Baba used to make:

It was a fantastic evening, and we look forward to it next year.

Ligeia & Mindy 🙂

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