Man’s Surprise Party

Our friend Man is turning 30 next Saturday. She’s also graduating from OISE with an MEd on Monday. So there was lots to celebrate. Lisa set up a wonderful surprise for her at the Mt. Everest, a restaurant featuring Nepalese and Northern Indian food. The atmosphere and the artwork were both very lovely, the wait staff was friendly and efficient and didn’t rush people.
Here are some pictures to commemorate the event:
Man is the one holding the card. You can see how many people came out to celebrate with her.

This is Lauren, who had just gotten her hair cut the day before, and Winnie:

And we finally got to meet Maria’s husband, Erik:

Lauren is definitely not camera shy as we see her posing again with Vijay:

The Nepalese food we ate was SO yummy. I’d eat there again in a minute:

Happy 30th to Man. Welcome to a fantastic decade!!!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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