Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok

Ethos Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

Located just off Khaosan Road in the popular tourist dirstrict of downtown Bangkok, Ethos restaurant serves up a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, proudly made with organic food. With meat-free classics like lasagna, spaghetti & “meat”balls and hummus with pita, not to mention the delicious home-baked desserts, this is definitely not an eatery to be missed when you find yourself in Thailand’s capital!

For more information, including a map of their location and their projects related to sustainable living and organic agriculture, be sure to visit their website.

Excuse me… I think your mouth is watering.

Beetroot, Apple and Celery Juice

The menu features a total of 986 items, all made with love, integrity, competence and ethics. With so many choices you could spend a long time looking at the menu, which includes Thai, Indian, Israeli and Western varieties, just to name a few.

Making a decision of what to order was extremely difficult! I’m pretty sure I could have closed my eyes and pointed to any random item, and it would have been amazing. Instead, I let my stomach decide: I started with a beetroot, apple and celery juice, which not only had a gorgeous color, but also had such a smooth taste, it was hard not to drink all in one gulp! For the meal, I ordered the falafel, which was deliciously hearty and very satisfying.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Relaxed Ethos Atmosphere

I met up with fellow travel bloggers, Silke and Mike from Big Little Planet, and we opted to enjoy our meal at the tables with floor seating as it was closer to the natural light at the entrance. The back of the place looked a little too dark for us.

Seated near the front, we really enjoyed people-watching… almost as much as we enjoyed the food. Taking in the all the people walking by, the talented drivers maneuvering with only an inch or two to spare, and the smoker across the street doing bicep curls made us quite the athletes in the sport of people-watching!

The next time I’m in Bangkok, hopefully with Mindy, I’ll definitely return to Ethos. It’s a nice alternative to much of the greasy fast food and street food options along Khaosan Road.

Happy eating!
Ligeia  🙂

6 thoughts on “Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok

  1. Chris

    Christine says she’s eaten at an Ethos Vegetarian restaurant also. But in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

    [She also says, ‘Hey, this is the second time you’ve been stealing my thoughts!’]

  2. Giselle and Cody

    We LOVE Ethos, and wish we could quickly fly over there right for some lunch!! Mmmm the spaghetti and “meatballs”, chocolate coconut shake, lasagna, coconut noodle soup. Daaaaamn 🙂

  3. Dee Fancett

    Glad to see that Ethos made the list! Great review – they really have that many items? Wow. I love it there – it’s possibly my favourite restaurant in the whole world! x

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