Enjoying our Time!!!

So, ladies and gentleman, the last few weeks have been quite eventful, so sit back, put on your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride!

When we left you last, Ligeia and I were heading to Lake Worth to visit my mom and uncle Jack. Along the way, we are lucky to drive through this town:

Now, any place that’s called “Yeehaw” should be a fun, exciting, but sadly, it’s only where the Florida Turnpike and Route 60 meet. Yeehaw Junction – this sign is the only “yeehaw” part of it!

On the way back to Tampa from Lake Worth, we stopped in Port. St. Lucie to watch a spring training game between the NY Mets and the Baltimore Orioles. The stretching exercises you see below was the most interesting part of the game. The Orioles lost a horrible game… 8-0, I think.

The weekend afterwards, Ligeia, Erick and I went to the Renaissance Festival. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera in the car, so we don’t have any pictures of our adventures 🙁 We saw alot of people walking around in medieval style clothing (some were a little too bulgy around the middle to be wearing leather-strapped pants, but perhaps that was natural then). Maybe it was a good thing we forgot the camera…

What else is new??? Hmmm… well, last week I reached my limit at my job. Perhaps I didn’t act as appropriate as I should have, but I didn’t feel like getting yelled at anymore. Later that day, my boss called to cut my hours from 8/day to 3/day. I was getting more and more upset with each passing minute, so I called her back and told her that I had had a bad day and needed a day to calm down, relax and think about some things. She assumed this meant I was going to quit so she yelled at me for being inconsiderate. Oy! To make this long story a little bit shorter, I’ll just say I wrote my resignation later and last tuesday was my last day of work in Tampa.

And now, on to more pleasant news. This past weekend, I played in a softball tournament on Saturday while Ligeia worked at the aquarium and taught English. On Sunday, we all took a trip to a conservation area and hiked on the trail there. We saw a couple of armadillos, but sadly, they both ran away when I got within picture-taking distance 🙁 It was beautiful, serene and a great outing! Check out how sexy Erick and I are…

Well, that’s all that’s new with us. This weekend, Ligeia and I are off to St. Augustine. It’s a city that has alot of history and supposedly extremely beautiful. We’ll try and remember to take the camera!

Happy Easter everyone!

Mindy (and Ligeia) 🙂

5 thoughts on “Enjoying our Time!!!

  1. Donna

    It is so cool you are keeping us up-to-date. You take great pictures. It’s a shame you couldn’t get Ren Fest pix, but the Renaissance is the same anywhere, I guess. I’m sure we’ve all seen it.

    I meant to say when you mentioned you were going to Ren Fest that Maggie’s and my dog, Ivy, was born at the Ren Fest in Florida. Really. (Ivy doesn’t live with me–she lives with her other mother. Ivy has two mommies.) Ivy’s dog mother was owned by Rachel, who was a Ren Fest performer and artist who travelled with the Fest.

    You guys got beautiful strawberries. When I buy strawberries, I only get local mid-Atlantic or Florida ones. Really. I won’t buy that nasty California produce that’s in the grocery stores.

    Well, I am rambling. I suppose I should have answered email BEFORE I had cocktails. I’ll talk to you soon.–Donna

  2. Julie

    Hey there, you guys have sure been busy!! I wish I could have visited Yeehaw with you, that sign is awesome! I especially like the crocodile/alligator (although its kind of disturbing with its provocative pose and all). I am so glad you posted a pic of the guys exercising, that was a definite highlight…..#56 has a nice ass!! Anyways, keep posting those pics…and don’t forget the camera!!! HAPPY EASTER 🙂

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