Don Mueang Airport to Downtown Bangkok

Most international flights land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), however, many domestic flights and shorter international flights land at Don Mueang (DMK). When making bookings be sure to double check at which airport you will be arriving.

There are several options to get to downtown Bangkok, all ranging in price. The once popular airport bus that stops near Khaosan Road is no longer in service. Here are some of the other options available to you:

1) Take the airport shuttle to the Suvarnabhumi Airport, where there is a bigger variety of options for getting downtown, with a higher frequency. This shuttle is free and takes 45 minutes. When you exit the airport, turn left and pass the taxi stand. At the end of the main sidewalk you will see the Airport Shuttle sign on your right.

2) Get a taxi at the taxi stand, which is right out in front of the arrival hall. This is a good option if you have lots of heavy luggage. Especially in the evenings, however, there can be quite a long line for this. If you find yourself standing in a long line, consider option 4 instead.

3) Take local bus number 59, which takes approximately 1 1/2 hours to get downtown, depending on traffic. Walk right when you exit the airport and follow the signs for “bus”. At the end of the walkway, you will see a bus parking lot in front of you, but this is not for you. Instead, cross the street, being careful of cars whizzing around the corner and continue walking around the corner to the left. When you reach the main road, go up the stairs to your left and cross the bridge to the other side of the street. Bus 59 comes very frequently, at least every 15 minutes.

4) If there is a long line at the taxi stand, you can get your own taxi from the main road right in front of the airport. Follow the instructions for the public bus, but instead of crossing the street, simply flag down a taxi from there. Going to the Grand Palace cost me 193 Baht.

Exit to Train Station at Don Mueang Airport

Exit to Train Station at Don Mueang Airport

5) Take the train. To get to platform 2, which is the direction you want to go, just before leaving the airport, follow the signs to the Amari Hotel. Just right of the main exit doors is a stairwell and from there you walk up a flight of stairs and follow the signs for the “train station”. The last stop on the train is HuaLamphong and from there you can take either the subway if you are staying in the east part of the city or take a taxi if you are staying in the west, such as Khaosan Raod or near the Grand Palace.

Perhaps getting there is half the adventure. 🙂

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