Civic Weekend at the Cottage

We woke up for the sunrise and found a family of loons right in front of the cottage. I’d never seen baby loons before.
Later that day, we drove to Algonquin Provincial Park and took the following 3 pictures:

Around the permit office at the entrance.

The view from the Lookout Trail.

View from the Visitor’s Center.
On Sunday we spent our time relaxing at the cottage. Mindy went exploring and among other things, found this toad:

Night time was spent around the campfire that Shawn built:

Mindy, Shawn, and Momazon.
Possibly my favorite part of the weekend was learning to do stained glass with Mindy’s Mom.

Mindy learning from the master.
And just to leave you with a nice cottage picture, I present the following:

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Civic Day weekend and feel refreshed enough to go back to work Tuesday.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “Civic Weekend at the Cottage

  1. Christopher Parker

    Civic day, hug? I spent my civic day in a meeting with Micheal Dukakis and state transportation officials from around New England talking about high-speed passenger trains. I guess that's civic.

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