Citizenship Ceremony

Ligeia flew up to Toronto Wednesday evening to appear at her citizenship ceremony by 8:15am on Thursday. The ceremony had several steps to it. Checking in…
Saying the citizenship oath (also in French which Ligeia was not expecting), singing the National Anthem and receiving her certificate (and a small Canadian flag).

Here Ligeia is with the judge.
And here she is again with an even higher power!

This now means that the restriction of having to live within Canada a certain number of years in a 5 year period no longer applies. We never thought that getting Canadian citizenship would make us feel so free…free to travel the world without the fear of losing status!
After the ceremony, Ligeia’s friends Heart (who took off of work and got up early nonetheless and actually arrived at the ceremony before Ligeia AND is the one to take all these pictures) and Rain (who generously gave Ligeia a place to stay and treated everyone to lunch) celebrated with Ligeia at a sushi place just around the corner from the immigration office.
Just after lunch, Ligeia found herself back on the subway to the airport to fly home. Being greeted by both Mindy and Erick at the airport in Tampa was the perfect way to end this momentous journey.
Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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