Butterflies and Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls

On Friday, May 14th, Mindy and Ligeia drove to Niagara Falls and spent some time at the Butterfly Conservatory in the Botanical Gardens. We enjoyed watching all the butterflies and got some great pictures:

After enjoying the butterflies, we went back to Willow Pond where we got married and had a nice picnic. Here’s Mindy showing the spread of baguette, brie, Camembert, fresh apricot, yellow pear and olives. Very delicious and we certainly love the memories the setting brings up for us.

One thing we like to do when we go there is look for frogs in the pond. Here’s Mindy pointing out one in the water:

Now you try. How many frogs can you find in the following picture? We counted 9.

And as usual, the gardens looked beautiful!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather in their own way.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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