A Weekend at the Cottage!

Mindy really needed a day off as she’s been working really hard, even going in on holidays. So we went to Mindy’s family’s cottage for 2 days for rest and relaxation. We read, swam, watched cable TV :), and did crossword puzzles (yes, we’re getting older πŸ˜‰
Here are some pictures of the area:

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
lots of love,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “A Weekend at the Cottage!

  1. Ligeia and Mindy

    hi hiroshi,
    this cottage is in cardiff, ON. it’s about 3 hours north of toronto. it is a very beautiful area of ontario and many torontonians have cottages there. this next weekend we’ll be going to Tweed Ontario, which is about 3 hours west of toronto. i’ll post pictures from there too.
    ligeia πŸ™‚

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