A Week Together in Toronto

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

Mindy met Ligeia at the Montreal bus station after 5 weeks of being apart. It was a wonderful reunion and they were both so happy to see each other again. We stayed in a hotel in Old Montreal which was very European and lovely. We bought lots of bagels to take back to family and friends.

The next morning we drove to Toronto where we would stay with our friend Heart for the week. First, we stopped in Campbellville for dinner with Mindy’s Mom, Oma, Opa, brother and others:

Monday through Thursday Mindy worked and Ligeia did various errands around Toronto like submit and pick up Thai visas. She also met her friend Rain who arrived with her motorcycle and let Ligeia try it out (don’t worry, I didn’t drive anywhere):

Wednesday, Mindy had her final clown class when others were invited to a showing of what all the clowns had accomplished. Mindy did a great job and was pleased with her performance. Here is her clown Slinky:

Thursday, Ligeia and Mindy met Nathalie at The Rooster Coffee House for something to drink and a great hug before having dinner with Jenny and Dawson at Pachuco, a Mexican restaurant on the Danforth.

Friday, Heart and Mindy had a wonderful day together, first at High Park where the cherry blossoms were fully in bloom:

Then Heart and Ligeia drove to the Cheltenham Badlands, which did not disappoint.

Afterwards we got ice-cream in the little quaint hamlet of Bellfountain:

Saturday we had lunch with Jim and Annette at the Ethiopian House on Irwin and Yonge…

…and dinner at Brian and Lesley’s house with Mindy’s Dad and Trixie. We got a little saucy and all took turns trying on a wig. Here is proof of Mindy and Ligeia’s involvement in this:

Sunday morning we had brunch at the Mayan Restaurant which features Guatemalan food with Heart, Michael and Jess.

On Monday, Ligeia and Mindy joined Momazon, Shawn and Oma and Opa at Lings in Barrie for lunch.

And finally Tuesday late at night (11pm), Mindy and Ligeia boarded an airplane bound for Abu Dhabi with a small backpack and a camera bag.
Here is the picture Mindy’s Mom took of us when she dropped us off at the airport,┬ámarking the beginning of our next adventure!:

Stayed tuned as more pictures will follow.

Lots of love to everyone,

Mindy and Ligeia :):)

4 thoughts on “A Week Together in Toronto

  1. Anonymous

    Opa and I enjoyed having twice the opportunity of meeting you before your big trip.
    Thanks for making the time for it!
    Love Oma:-) and Opa ­čÖü

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